Why trying to ‘live with COVID’ meant another lockdown

The two slides shown by Chris Whitty which were used to justify a second lockdown, taken from the BBC

The case against lockdown

Breakdown of COVID-19 deaths by age-group in England to week ending 18th September 2020, Source: PHE

We have vaccinations and central heating. Yet influenza and winter still kill a lot of people.

UK Influenza Deaths, Source: PHE
England and Wales Excess Winter Deaths, Source: ONS

COVID-19 has killed more many people in less than a year than influenza has in five

UK Influenza Deaths, Source: PHE compared to UK COVID-19 Deaths, Source: WHO
England and Wales Excess Winter Deaths compared to England and Wales Excess Deaths March-August 2020, Source: ONS

COVID-19 has a far greater burden on healthcare than influenza

Total Influenza ICU Admissions in England and Peak Weekly Admissions for 2018–19, Source: PHE compared to COVID-19 ICU Admissions, Source: Gov.uk

The virus isn’t becoming ‘less deadly’ and herd immunity isn’t happening (without a vaccine)

Source: Financial Times

Sweden is an example, but not a good one

Source: The Spectator
Source: Financial Times

The systems we needed haven’t worked

Shielding would be near impossible

Economy vs lives is not an argument

Source: Financial Times
Source: LSE

What does ‘postponing death’ even mean?

COVID-19 deaths in England in 0–74 age group compared to 75+ and 0–84 age-group compared to 85+, Source: PHE

The way out

Source: The Economist



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