Mad, Bad and Dangerous: Answering COVID-19 conspiracy theories

“A Lie Can Travel Halfway Around the World While the Truth Is Putting On Its Shoes”

“I believe that the virus is real, but it’s not as bad as they are saying it is”

“The mortality rate for this is less than the ‘flu. It’s been proven”

“The test that they use, it has an 80% false positive. This virus has never been proven to exist”

“If you look up radiation poisoning, the effects of that and the effects of COVID-19 fit together like a glove”

The Electromagnetic Spectrum from

“You don’t lock the world up for a virus that has a mortality rate of less than 1%”

“I think we will be living in a far worse, dystopian version of Nazi Germany” Doctor and Educator. Podcast Blog on Medical Education and History of Medicine

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