Answering Your Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccines

The United Kingdom has approved the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine and the very first people in the world have received their first jabs against COVID-19. The end should be in sight of this pandemic. Following previous posts, I’ve been asked a lot in person and online about the COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination in general. Here I’ve tried my best to answer them. Hope you find them useful. Please note although I am a doctor I am not involved in any of the trials mentioned.

How does the immune system work?

How does a vaccine work and how long do they take to produce?

So how did we make the COVID-19 vaccines so quickly?

How do we know these vaccines work?

Will the new variant make the vaccine pointless?

I’ve seen memes about thalidomide comparing it to these vaccines, how do we know they’re safe?

Did we approve this vaccine faster due to Brexit?

I heard this vaccine can’t be stored in most places as it needs to be really cold, is this true?

Isn’t natural immunity better?

Don’t vaccines cause autism?

If we can develop a vaccine for COVID-19 so quickly how come we can’t develop one for HIV?

I heard these vaccines use nanotechnology to control us

I heard GPs are being paid to give this vaccine to us

I heard there is aborted fetal tissue in the vaccines

I heard the vaccines will make you infertile

I heard that the vaccine companies can’t be sued if things go badly Doctor and Educator. Podcast Blog on Medical Education and History of Medicine